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Placement Policy

To ensure smooth and effective placements, the following guidelines have been set for the Placement Committee, Companies and Students.

Guidelines for the Placement Committee

  • On intimation regarding placements from the company, the Placement Committee should publish a notice in the placement notice board and VJIM group email.
  • The information regarding the selection process of a company would be conveyed to the students at least two days in advance by the Placement Cell.

Guidelines for Company

  • The companies are expected to provide the following details at least two days in advance of placements to the Placement Cell.
    • 1. Company Profile & Job Profile
    • 2. Financial Package (CTC & Take Home Salaries)
  • The list of the selected candidates should be forwarded to the Placement Cell on the same day of selection. If not, the students will be permitted to attend the selection procedures of other companies.
  • After selection, the company has to give a formal and legally valid confirmation letter with the approximate date of joining.
  • The student will be reserved to the company which gives the confirmation of appointment first.
  • The selected students can join the company from the first week of May provided the company allows the student(s) to do his/her/their Project study in the company itself. Any change in this clause would be informed in advance to the company by the Placement Cell.
  • The company would be required to grant leave for the selected students during their fourth semester university exams. 

Guidelines for the Students

  • All students are required to clear the pre-placement interview conducted by the college to be eligible for placements.
  • All students who are interested to participate in the selection process of a company need to register with the Placement cell on the previous day of the company visit before 2 p.m. Only those registeredcandidates will be allowed to attend the selection process.
  • All students are required to be present at the venue on time when a company gives the pre-placement talk following which the registered students should continue in further selection process. 
  • On all days of placements, all students (even if not applied for the job) should be in FORMALS.
  • Those students who have applied to a particular company should report to the venue of selection on time and should attend all the selection procedures of that company unless he/she is eliminated.
  • All students who attended the selection process of a company should report the next working day to the Placement Cell before 5 p.m.
  • Once a student receives the confirmation letter he/she will not be allowed to attend interview of other companies.
  • A student who joins a company should be in service for at least one year. This is a verbal bond between the students and the college. However in extreme situations, permission should be obtained from the Placement Coordinator one monthbefore quitting the job.
  • A student who opts out of placements should inform the same to the Placement Officer/Coordinator in writing, in advance.
  • Once a student opts out from placements, he/she will be reconsidered only if the student gives a valid reason to the Placement Coordinator.
  • All information regarding placements will be communicated through students’ VJIM group Email. All students are expected to check their e-mail daily.


  • Immediate action (Fine or Placement Ban) will be taken by the Placement Coordinator on violation of any of the above-mentioned rules.
  • Placement Committee has the right to give exemption to the above mentioned clauses with the approval of Placement Coordinator.
  • The students who are not in formals on the day of placements will be fined Rs. 500.
  • Decent code of conduct is expected from the students, at all times, on campus and whenever they travel.
  • Students will be able to avail duty leave if they are going for interviews arranged by the placement cell.

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