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VJIM Anthem

Vimal Jyothi Institute of Management and Research Anthem

" Alma Mater all bright,
Our guide in everything right,
Victory we to you raise
As the mighty Master we praise
Everyday is your task
To answer all that we ask.
Song to you now we bring
In grateful voices to sing
Let’s march, let’s march,
Brave hearts. united let’s march;
In truth and love
For excellence let us march;
Dream we for a new world
Of brotherhood yet unfurled
May divisions be gone
As we op’n our hearts from now on.
Searching always for truth
That brings us freedom in sooth
Harmony be our glow
As a family be our glow
As a family here we grow.
Let’s march, let’s march...... Watching nature always
Let’s see how things inter-phase
Each should master his trade
From the plan the Master has laid.
Hail “Vimal Jyothi”,hail;
Your banner we set on sail;
May your fame resound wide
Above every channel you ride.
Let’s march, let’s march...... "

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