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Dr Fr Jinu Vadakkemulanjanal(Genimon V Joseph), MBA, UGC NET, PGDHRM, PhD (Principal)
Dr Fr Jinu Vadakkemulanjanal(Genimon V Joseph), MBA, UGC NET, PGDHRM, PhD

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations are undergoing significant transformations, becoming leaner, knowledge-based, boundary-less, and flat. As competition intensifies, the corporate sector's demands are evolving rapidly, creating a substantial gap between the supply of quality management professionals and the demand for their expertise. Recognizing this pressing need, Vimal Jyothi Institute of Management and Research (VJIM) aims to bridge this gap by nurturing professionals who possess intellectual strength, moral integrity, and professional vibrancy.

At VJIM, our MBA program is designed to cultivate the skills necessary to lead and manage in the ever-changing globalized economy. Our students benefit from the mentorship of exceptional faculty, collaborations with accomplished business leaders, and the support of motivated peers. Through these interactions, they develop technical prowess, interpersonal acumen, and a conceptual understanding of effective management practices. Our institution fosters an environment of mutual respect and instill a sense of achievement, striking the right balance of knowledge, skills, and attitude.

Our unwavering commitment lies in cultivating contemporary, competent, and creative professionals who can provide innovative leadership to both the industry and society. The core values of Evolve, Empower & Excel resonate deeply within our educational philosophy and serve as the guiding motto for every aspiring management student at VJIM.

Being the Principal of this Institute, my team ensures steadfast dedication to promote the skill sets and attitudes of our students, confirming that they become irreplaceable assets capable of shaping the organizations they work for and contributing to the betterment of society.

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